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On Paper

yoga instructor

Ashtanga Yoga. It’s Yoga, Thailand (RYT 200)
Vinyasa Flow. South Boston Yoga, USA (RYT 200)
Spiral Yoga Therapy, Dům Jógy v Hlavici, Česko

Thai yoga massage. Sunshine Network, Thailand
Energy lines. Sunshine Network, Greece

English & Czech linguistics and literature, Masters

“Well organized type of expression with a twist of hippie punk and topped with some memorable and infamous “Bridget” moments.”


My yoga journey began 18 years ago when I couldn’t understand why would anyone want to sit down and breathe for what seemed like eternity and then stand up to do a few moves with way too many instructions. Couple years later I was back on a mat with somehow upgraded level of modesty and tolerance.

I practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa for 6 years and gradually became a daily practitioner. With the discovery of the beauty and softness that Vinyasa flow classes offered, I knew this is was my calling. To give other people what I received at the classes I attended.

Even more so the feeling inside that was so comforting as I made my way home. My thoughts were at peace and my body melted like Dali’s clock.

“Way of life rather than a bunch of positions that are combined to fill a 2 hours long workout.”


My first teacher training took place in January 2013 and I became a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor. Later I attended another TT with an American yoga school which added Vinyasa flow certification to my drawer.

I opened a private studio in September 2013 to experience what it takes to lead people to move safely and gently with respect to their physical dispositions. I added Thai yoga massage and Energy lines courses to my folder of certificates.

In 2015 I sneaked Qi Gong practice to my weekly routine and slowed down in the pace of my yoga classes. My teaching became more mindful and alignment oriented. I started studying Spiral yoga therapy in the beginning of 2016 and continue to do so to this day.

“Yoga is a personal encounter that started in a group class and continues at the privacy of my soul and home.”

Creative Space

Happy Go Lucky studio is a community based private space for people who are open to play in a traditional and modern mixture of a way to practice with ones body and mind. I don’t label myself a yoga instructor.

My classes are inspired by yoga, Qi gong and daily life. Selfpractice, workshops and reading are the sources of what I share in classes.

I motivate people to practice on their own by combining asanas into sequences that are easy to remember and enjoyable to perform.

“Working in the film industry brought me to yoga. First as an escape, later as a shelter. ”

Film industry

I used to work in production on commercials and films like Narnia and Pink Panther. Lived in New Zealand, America and Asia. Co-owned an advertising agency and production company for a few years.

Now I give private yoga classes on TV shows, movies and commercials like Borgia or The Knightfall.

Masters degree in English linguistics and literature.